18 Aug 2017

separation >>

graphic score ~ separation >> is developed from the image of fire taken in the village of Zuce, suburbs of Belgrade. The image is followed by the field recording of location (( Karagačka street )), recorded between 2 and 3 am mid May; the score is developed in August 2017

8 Aug 2017

Moongazing >> sound art

The track is composed of improvisational experiment with large wind chimes and tibetan bowls as well as bowing large ceramic vase, improvisation on the piano, processed sound of Saturn's rings (NASA sounds) and site-spacific intervetion / field recording made on the island of Vrnik in South Adriatic in July 2017. In collaboration with Ivana Grahovac.

5 Aug 2017

The Stone Rain

f i e l d   r e c o r d i n g

The image is taken on Vrnik, tiny island situated close to Korčula town in South Adriatic. The island is historically known for its stone-marble used by stonemasons from the region throughout the 20th century. Now the island is a hidden paradise with impressive abandoned query, magnificent marine life and a small village visited by few tourists in the summer season. Field recording is taken in July 2017, on the south side of the island, away from the settlements, facing chunk of open sea toward the island of Mljet.

2 Aug 2017


p h o t o   s c o r e s 

The scores are made of two images taken at Orlanduša bay, situated on the west side of Korčula island commonly called Defora, facing Lastovo. The small bay is steep and with white pebble beach at its very end. Textures of the boats laying scattered across the place picture particular perspective on the time flow, which is almost repealed in this hidden paradise. The bay has historical importance being the place where allies debarked in the final liberation of the island in the WWII.

photo score ~ Orlando I

photo score ~ Orlando II

The Twins. The Crevice

p h o t o   s c o r e s

The scores are made of two images taken at Lenga, the far end of Korčula island in South Adriatic.
They are gently processed almost in to a digital graphics to highlight the idea of imaginative listening composed by visual impressions. The practice behind photo scores is the research of synesthetic perception, the inter-flow between senses within the process of ideasthesia.

The field recording taken at the spot is conceptualized as "sounding" the inner space of the rocks far from the human settlement. The recorder was put in to the deep crevice, and audio file was later enriched with gentle crackling sounds taken out from the original data. It can be used as a sonic frame for further compositional processes.

photo score ~ The Twins

photo score ~ Slow Dance